Do I have to apply for a new ESTA if I have a new passport?

If a traveler’s passport was lost, stolen, or has expired and they have recently obtained a new one, they will be required to apply for a new ESTA travel authorization before traveling to the United States.

Applying for a new ESTA is also obligatory if the following changes have occurred since the traveler last applied for an ESTA:

  • A new passport has been issued
  • The individual has changed their name
  • The individual has changed their gender (the traveler may choose whichever gender option they feel comfortable with. The travel authorization will not be denied solely based on the selected gender)
  • The traveler’s country of citizenship has changed
  • The answer to any of the additional application questions has changed, e.g. they were convicted of a crime, they suffer from a contagious disease, etc.

An approved ESTA is valid for 2 consecutive years, or until the passport it is electronically linked to expires (whichever comes first). During the validity period of your ESTA, an international traveler can go on multiple trips to the United States, without having to re-apply for a new travel authorization. However, they may only remain in US territory for 90 days at a time.

Note that it is advisable to leave a reasonable amount of time between trips so that Customs and Border Protection (CBP) do not think that you are attempting to live in the US. There is no specific requirement for how long an individual should wait between each visit.

Individuals who require a new travel authorization are strongly recommended to apply for ESTA as soon as they start planning their next visit to the US under the Visa Waiver Program.

Note: Should an ESTA expire while the traveler is in the United States, it will not affect their departure in any way. (Click here for more information about the ESTA expiry)

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