ESTA for Children

do children need an ESTA

Many foreign visitors planning to enter the U.S. are worried about their visa, ESTA or another type of travel authorization, required of all non-immigrants. One of the most common questions comes from parents asking:

Does my child need an ESTA? It’s still a baby.” This article aims at sharing all relevant information, regarding the matter.

ESTA is required for children of all ages

Adults, children as well as infants are required to have a valid ESTA, when travelling to the United States, if citizens of a Visa Waiver Country. This is regardless of their age. Children and adults of all ages must have their own travel authorization, in order to travel and enter the United States. This is one of the most important requirements, set by the Customs and Border Control of America.

Applying for travel authorization is a legal requirement and it must be met by everyone, planning to visit the States, regardless of their age. Additionally, the same requirement is valid for those individuals who have a transferring flight through the U.S.

How can I obtain ESTA for my child?

The application procedure on behalf of a third person is the same as applying for oneself. The difference is that in this case the adult, applying for their child, must specify their relation to the main applicant, during the application process.

For such cases it is recommendable to make your ESTA application and the one of your child through the same web page and, if possible, at the same time. This would be in the ESTA form of a group application.

Thusly, the Border Protection authorities will have access to your family’s entire application. This may facilitate the process. What is more, making a group application may result in receiving the approval at the same time, providing commodity for travelling.

For an easy online ESTA application, refer to our services. We will carefully review your application and provide you with further assistance, if needed.

Can I make an application on behalf of my kid?

All travelers to the U.S. are required to have valid legal authorization to enter the country.
In some cases, an application can be made on behalf of a minor child (regardless of the child’s age). To do so, applicants should check the second option, part of the Waiver of Rights section, stating “For third parties submitting the application on behalf of the applicant…”. By selecting this option, the primary candidate understands the terms and conditions of ESTA USA, on behalf of the minor child. He/she must answer all questions and statements truthfully and honestly.

Note: All applicants are required to have an independent ESTA authorization. Therefore, children listed on parents passport will not qualify for ESTA as their application will not be separate.

Legal guardians/parents applying on behalf of a minor child must understand the ESTA eligibility requirements. If the dependent child is not from a Visa Waiver Country, he/she will not be eligible to apply for ESTA.

Furthermore, if the applicant’s spouse does not have a valid visa or ESTA travel authorization to enter the U.S., the main applicant may also apply on their spouse’s behalf.

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