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Here you will find the latest and most relevant news about the ESTA and any changes that might occur to the travel authorization process. We provide accurate and precise information about the ESTA and travel to the United States.

Through this news platform you can discover the most recent information about how to get the ESTA, when you should obtain it, how long it will be valid for and how it works. Find out any additional details that will help you during your application process and your trip to the US.

esta guam

Citizens of over 30 countries in America’s Visa Waiver Program (VWP) can go to Guam without a visa provided they first register with ESTA, the Electronic System for Travel Authorization.Read More

magic trade show in las vegas

If you work in the fashion industry or have any knowledge of the sector, then it is likely that you have heard of the MAGIC trade shows in Las Vegas.Read More

esta in an hour

Taking an unexpected trip to the USA? If you just realized you need an ESTA visa waiver to enter the country for any of the following reasons, read on to find out how to obtain a US ESTA in 1 hour:Read More

us travel restrictions

There are a number of US travel restrictions in place at present. These can limit the entry points or even prohibit the entry entirely of some foreign citizens.Read More


Until now, Croatian citizens traveling to the United States of America have needed a visa to gain access to the country.Read More

esta for california

California is the most visited state in the USA. Its global cities, such as Los Angeles, its prominence in the movie industry, its sunny climate and beaches, and its abundance of entertainment and amusement parks bring over 40 million travelers to its shores each year.Read More

control measures at the us land borders

US Customs and Border Protection are beginning to introduce facial recognition systems at land border crossings into the United States. This technology is being trialed at a small number of crossing points on the US-Mexican border.Read More

states in the usa

People are often confused about whether there are 50 or 52 states in the USA, a doubt that often arises when Washington D.C. (actually a federal district), and Puerto Rico (a US territory) are included on the list.Read More

what food can i bring into the usa

The US is known for its strict policies on bringing food through customs when entering the country. Many visitors have arrived in the US only to have their snacks, home comforts, or edible gifts confiscated.

Read More

esta for bulgaria

The leaders of 2 countries — Bulgaria and the United States of America — have met in Washington. What was discussed in this meeting could have a huge impact on travel from Bulgaria to the States.Read More

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