Useful Tips for a USA Visitor Visa Interview Process

usa visitor visa interview questions

You have a USA Visitor Visa Interview coming up and you are nervous or you simply want to know what to expect? Being prepared for an interview is always useful and it can make you feel more relaxed.

A B-1 or B-2 Visa for the USA requires an interview with a USA immigration officer at the embassy of the United States in your country of residence. Keep in mind that these two kinds of visa are different from the ESTA for which you can apply online.

Interview visa questions can cause some people to worry. However, we want to encourage you and help you exude confidence. Though the interviews are not complicated, we have gathered some useful tips to help you prepare for your USA visa interview process.

The B-1 or B-2 Visa Interview Questions

Ideally there should be a list with the visa interview questions to help you prepare. However, it is difficult to offer one as the B-1 and B-2 questions and answers can vary greatly from case to case. It’s likely that due to maintenance, country demands and new regulations questions are modified regularly.

Do not despair, we do know that an officer will ask you about the terms of your visa. The officer will ask you about the rights you are granted with the visa and its limitations and conditions, an example of that would be knowing that you cannot study for credits while you are visiting as a tourist.

It is also possible that an officer will ask you a tricky question to get you off guard. A tricky question might be like this: “What would you do if you are offered a very good job in the USA during your stay?” The B-1 and B-2 visas specifically establish that you do not have the right to work in the United States.

Use common sense when you answer the visa questions at the embassy. The intention of the interview is to see if you intend to stay on American soil illegally and permanently. These are the questions you need to be careful with and they might be more subtle. If you have studied the conditions of your visa and know your limitations, you should be able to answer with confidence.

Before you apply for one of these visas we recommend that you check whether your country is among the 38 Visa Waiver countries that are eligible to apply for an ESTA visa. If so, you can easily apply through an online form.

Basic Tips to succeed in your B1 or B2 VIsa Interview

Make a good impression

In an ideal world, appearance should not matter. However first impressions do count, especially during an interview. Look your best and wear a clean outfit. Hygiene significantly impacts how people perceive us and a clean person already shows signs of politeness and consideration of others.

Be prepared

Before you go into your visa interview, you need to know what B-1 and B-2 stand for and the difference between them.

A B-1 visa is for a temporary business visitor. You might be eligible for this kind of visa if the purpose of your trip is to participate in business activities of professional or commercial nature in the United States.

A B-2 visa is for a visitor traveling for pleasure or medical treatment. This type of visa is commonly known as a tourist visa. People who apply for this visa are not allowed to work or study during their stay in the U.S.

It is really important that as someone looking to apply for a visa you prepare your documentation according to your necessities. Revise in detail the requirements for each type of visa and take all the relevant documents with you.

Some interview visa questions will refer to the purpose of your trip.Bear in mind that B-1 visa interview questions will not be the same for B-2 applicants and vice versa. Know the exact dates of the events of your trip, the places you’ll go, and where you’ll stay.

Communication is key

If you are prepared for the interview, it will be easier. Interview visa questions are meant to find out your reasons to travel.

  • Don’t show hesitation
  • Don’t digress or take detours when you answer
  • Be concise and direct
  • Ask if the question was not clear
  • Be confident when you answer

Be on time

When you are given your USA Visitor Visa Interview, make an effort to be on time. Punctuality is a sign of people who are responsible and your efforts will contribute to your first impression.

Be honest

Immigration officers at the United States Embassy are well trained individuals who are specialized in the visa interview process. It’s likely that they will detect your attitude and your intentions.

If you don’t know how to answer a question, it is better you say so instead of making up answers that might actually damage your chances of getting your B-1 or B-2 visa.

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