Spooky abandoned attractions in the United States

Spooky abandoned attractions in the US

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, abandoned attractions have a unique appeal. There is something distinctly eerie and mysterious about places which were once full of people, but are now deafeningly quiet.

There are normally shrouded with myths, legends, and ghost stories and few people dare to visit them. Those who do often tell of strange noises, sights, and sensations.

Across the USA, there are many spooky, abandoned attractions which are now in a state of decay. Here are some of the creepiest places which will give even the least superstitious people the heebie-jeebies.

Although these places are not typical tourist hotspots, some visitors choose to take a glimpse as they are irresistibly intriguing. Visitors coming from outside of the US will need a visitor visa for the USA.

The most important holidays in the US are popular times to visit theme parks, but you won’t have to worry about large crowds at these…

Lake Shawnee Amusement Park: Princeton, WV

This amusement park was destined for spookiness from its creation. The designers were asking for trouble when they decided to build the park on a Native American burial ground which was also the site of a massacre.

The plot of land was considered cursed before the park was opened in the 1920s. The number of deaths which have happened there during the park’s history is disputed but it was shut down in 1966 after two children died on its rides.

Another one of the infamous deaths happened in a freak accident when a young girl was hit by a delivery truck when on one of the giant swings. It is said that you can still see her at night near the swing, covered in blood.

Holy Land, Waterbury, Connecticut

Holy Land is an abandoned bible-themed amusement park which has its heyday in the 60s and 70s. The park used to attract 40,000 visitors a year and home around 200 structures, including a Garden of Eden and a mini Bethlehem and Jerusalem.

The park closed in 1984 though there have been multiple attempts to reopen it. They have all failed. In 2010, something truly sinister happened on the site when the body of a murdered 16-year-old girl was found there.

Now the atmosphere is spooky. Most of the statues have missing heads and have been spray-painted and vandalized. It has also become overgrown with bushes, weeds, and trees.

Disney’s River Country: Orlando, FL

River County was Disney’s first ever water park. It opened in 1976 but tragedy struck after only four years when an 11-year-old boy was killed by a nasty microbe, Naegleria fowleri, that was in the water.

The water park was able to stay afloat but eventually closed down in 2005. It wasn’t demolished but has been left to slowly deteriorate. The sun-bleached attractions now give the park a creepy feel.

Originally the park was going to have a spookier-sounding name, “Pop’s Willow Grove”. The park was described as an “old-fashioned swimming hole” with “a twist of Huckleberry Finn.”

Land of Oz: Beech Mountain, NC

The Wizard of Oz is probably one of the creepiest imaginable themes to give a park. It was eery when it was opened in the 1970s, now it is abandoned it is truly terrifying and looks more like Oz from the bizarre 1985 sequel, Return to Oz.

The Yellow Brick Road, the Munchkins Village, the Wicked Witch’s Castle, and Emerald City are all falling apart. In its heyday it attracted around 20,000 visitors daily but numbers started to dwindle 10 years after its opening.

Tragically, the mastermind behind the project died of bone cancer at the age of 50, six months before the park was opened.

Six Flags, New Orleans, LA

Six Flags is one of the scariest abandoned theme parks in the US. It opened in 2000 but was soon devastated by Hurricane Katrina five years later. Without enough funding for repairs, it quickly fell into a state of decay.

It is said to be haunted. People who have broken into the park claim they have heard the sound of children laughing and the ghostly noise of ride music. Trespassing is prohibited and the park is patrolled 24 hours a day by the police.

The atmospheric location has been used in a number of films since its closure. Killer Joe and Stolen were both filmed there in 2011. The park was used to shoot parts of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes in 2013 and Jurassic World in 2014.

Visitors coming from abroad need to complete an ESTA visa form before heading to the US.

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