Travel documents Required for a US Tourist Visa

documents required for tourist visa to usa

Many aliens who wish to travel for tourist purposes to the U. S. are confused by the documents, required to make a visa application. This post will resolve all doubts regarding how to apply for a B2 tourist visa.

B2 Tourist Visa Requirements

The Tourist visa gives its holders the right to travel freely to the United States for travel and tourism purposes. Nevertheless, always bear in mind that there are some limitations such as:

  • You are not allowed to work on a B2 visa when in the States.
  • You are not allowed to study long-term on an American tourist visa.

Having made this clear, we can continue to the required documents for foreign nationals, who wish to obtain a tourist visa.

The actual application will be made at your local U.S. Embassy or Council, where you will need to schedule an appointment. Make sure to do this as soon as you start planning your trip, as this is the most important process.

Before the actual interview, you will need to complete fully and print out Form DS – 160, Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application. Make sure to provide truthful and honest information. Lying will have negative consequences for your in the future.

Note: During the online application process you will be required to upload a recent photo of you.

Furthermore, you will need to have your passport prepared, and its expiration date must not be within the following six months of the application.

These are the two essential documents for the tourist visa application.

Following is all the supporting evidence you will be required to provide:

  • Application fee payment – once the interview fee has been paid, make sure to take this confirmation with you.
  • Evidence of purpose of the trip (such as evidence of family ties in the U.S.).
  • Proof of your intent to leave the States after the journey.
  • Financial proof of your ability to cover your expenses while there.
  • Flight tickets (not required, but very helpful).

In case any of these documents is not originally in English, please make sure to provide a certified English translation of each one.

Are these documents required for an ESTA application?

Citizens of any of the Visa Waiver countries may apply for an ESTA, without the need to submit any of the documents mentioned above.

ESTA application is a simplified version of the regular visa process with the aim of easing the access to the States for all eligible applicants by pre-screening them online.

Those who qualify for an ESTA can make their online application easily and rapidly. The process is not similar at all, as applicants will only be required to fill in their personal data and give honest answers to Yes or No questions, regarding health and safety.

If you are an eligible citizen from a qualifying Visa Waiver country who wishes to travel to the United States, applying for ESTA is your best option. The process will take less than 10 minutes per candidate. There are no interview fees nor appointment requirements and no need for preparing any supporting evidence. Applicants will be informed of the status of their application within the next 72 hours.

Furthermore, when travelling to the States with approved ESTA you will not be required to bring any additional documents but your passport. Printing out your ESTA is recommended for personal records only.

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