Top Tourist Attractions in the USA

usa tourist attractions

Whether it’s your first time in the States or you’re planning a return trip to the US, there’s just so much to be seen and experienced, so here we bring you a few of the most visited tourist attractions in the USA to help you plan your trip. But don’t forget it’s vital you apply for your ESTA (Electronic System of Travel Authorization) before departure to ensure you’ll have no problems upon arrival!

Iconic places to visit in the US:

Navy Pier, Chicago

Receiving over 8 million tourists annually from around the world, this leisure destination in Chicago looks out on Lake Michigan and offers it’s visitors a range of activities and attractions including a 150ft-high Ferris wheel, diverse installations and theater productions as well as a large array of shops, gardens, restaurants, rides and other entertainment for all ages: a top US attraction.

Disneyland, CA

A special for the kids but generally loved by people of all ages too, Disneyland in California was the only amusement park overseen by Walt Disney which remains to this day the prototype for his dream. With around 16 million visitors each year, this park has some differences to it’s Florida counterpart and stands out for it’s originality as one of the most famous places in America.

Freedom trail and the Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Boston

This historic American attraction brings to life Boston’s heritage and allows it’s more than 18 million yearly visitors to experience the 250-year-old Marketplace and surrounding area including the Old State House, Old City Hall and Old Granary Burying Ground. Along the Freedom trail, tourists can delve into the rich history of the area and find out more about the important players in the American Revolution.

National Mall and Memorial Parks, DC

The nation’s capital, Washington DC, is densely populated with some of the most famous landmarks in the US. Beginning at the Washington Monument to the West all the way to the Capitol building in the East, the thousand acres which make up the National Mall and Memorial Parks are filled with structures dedicated to various moments in the history of the USA so it’s not surprising that over 25 million people each year visit these parks.

Las Vegas Strip

Sin City, also known as the adult’s playground, receives nearly 30 million visitors each year! These days, however, the gambling center of the world has so much more on offer for all kinds of tourists that you don’t have to be interested in casinos to enjoy all the sights Las Vegas can provide: Michelin-star restaurants, Bellagio fountain light show, theater productions, comedy, magic shows, concerts, acrobatic entertainment, not to mention the hundreds of people who get swept up in the romance and get married in Las Vegas everyday!

Times Square

Especially popular on New Year’s Eve where millions of people ring in the new year, Times Square  receives nearly 42 million national and international visitors each year, by far the most visited tourist attraction in the US. Rather than offering a specific attraction, New York’s Times Square has quickly become the most popular place to visit in the states due to its many appearances in film and TV as well as the pure energy it exudes.

Amongst other extremely popular United States points of interest, you will find the most amazing natural phenomena at the most well-known National Parks: Yellowstone and Yosemite; the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and park which includes Alcatraz islands and numerous US historic landmarks; the dramatic Grand Canyon, created over a period of millions of years by erosion from the Colorado River; Balboa Park in San Diego incorporating not only the world-famous San Diego zoo, but also 15 museums, 16 gardens, golf, tennis and lawn-bowling courts as well as much more.

If something from our list catches your eye, don’t leave your US travel paperwork for the last minute, get your ESTA online today and start preparing for your tour of the top places to visit in America.

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