Top 10 Wine Festivals in the USA

wine festivals in the usa

Wine has been around for thousands of years; the Greeks adored Dionysus, god of winemaking and today, the diversity of this delightful beverage is astounding. The United States hosts some of the top wine festivals in the world. If you’re passionate about wine and are visiting the USA you might want to join in on one of their major feasts.

We’ve prepared a list with the best wine festivals in America that bring together people from all over the country and abroad. Most of the festivals are packed with a range of wine and few of them offer food. If you are a foodie rather than a wine fan, we’ve also tracked down major food festivals in the US where you can blissfully eat your way to happiness.

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Unique Wine Festivities across America

From East to West and North to South here are the top wine festivals in the USA.

1. Boston Wine Expo – Boston

This is America’s longest and largest wine festival. Located at the Boston Harbor Hotel, this expo offers wine from 300 international wineries. The Boston Wine Expo runs from January through March offering a range of unique diners, seminars, courses and tastings.

2. Food & Wine Classic – Aspen

A grand event for wine lovers, Food & Wine’s very own festival brings a wide range of wines that can suit everyone’s palate and wallet. As it’s name indicates though, besides beautiful reds, fresh whites and sweet rosés the festival is renowned for its food, featuring the top culinary talent of the US.

3. Wine and Spirits Top 100 – San Francisco

San Francisco’s heavenly festival exclusively invites the best wineries from all over the world. Each winery has to present their highest-rate bottle ensuring top quality. Critics blind-taste over fifteen hundred bottles. Famous local chefs provide exquisitely made nibbles to complete the event that takes place in October.

4. Nantucket Wine Festival – Nantucket

Every May, Nantucket comes to life featuring its first main event of the season: the wine festival. During four days Nantucket hosts wine and food acclaimed professionals. The most prestigious wineries are invited to be featured in the shows. Each year there’s a Gala which offers carefully selected wines to be matched with delicious bites created by forty chefs.

5. San Diego Bay Wine Festival – San Diego

Set under the sunny Californian sky every November, the San Diego Bay Festival is the biggest in the area. Celebrated winemakers and America’s top chefs come down to the festival to offer a unique experience.

6. Hawaii Food & Wine Festival – Honolulu

As if the paradisiac beaches in Hawaii was not enough reason to get you there, Honolulu boasts an annual Food & Wine festival to die for. Spread over four days the festival brings together wine and spirit producers matched with fifty of the best chefs in America.

7. Naples Winter Wine Festival – Naples

Not only does the festival bring you closer to wine heaven, but Naples Winter Wine Festival is one of the most successful charity wine auctions in the world. Millions of dollars are raised annually for the Naples Children & Education Foundation that has improved the life of over 200,000 children. Set in January, Michelin star chefs serve especially made food.

8. Sonoma Wine Country Weekend – Sonoma County

Every September, this annual wine auction grants visitors the opportunity to taste wine made from local winemakers. While the auction is the main event, the weekend is filled with lunches and dinners hosted at Sonoma vineyards.

9. Denver International Wine Festival – Denver

Wine journalists are behind this major event that takes place between late October and early November. It draws winemakers from different parts of the world that are often overlooked by other major festivals. Colorado chefs compete to create a dish to be paired with two selected wines. The audience gets to choose the winner!

10. Paso Robles Wine Festival – Paso Robles

While Paso Robles is less famous than Napa Valley or Sonoma, it actually is the largest and most diverse wine region in the state of California. Set in May, the festival presents a range of wines from the region. Interestingly enough, it also features live music

If the wine hasn’t convinced you, some of the biggest music festivals in the U.S. will probably inspire you to hop on a plane.

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