Tips for your USA Visa Embassy Appointment Schedule

USA Visa Embassy Appointment Schedule

It is important to understand the US Visa interview process. There are certain rules that need to be followed in order to proceed with the process smoothly.

This article will give tips and useful information on making your visa appointment. It will also present some successful US visa appointment tips.

How to schedule a USA Visa Appointment

  • The first and most important advice to remember is: plan and schedule your visa interview appointment in advance of your travel to the US. The overall process can take up to a month. This all depends on the season and schedule of your local Embassy / Consulate. Visit the U.S. Department of State’s website for more detailed information on Visa Appointment and Processing Wait Times.
  • After selecting your preferred date and time, you will be required to submit an online visa application, before attending the interview. There are no exceptions to this rule. Access the Consular Electronic Application Center to begin the application process. The required form is called DS-160 Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application.

Note: The overall application process can take close to 3 hours to complete fully. You will be asked extensive information about your background such as any criminal records. You will also be asked about your current education / work / health situation. It is recommended to complete the application for the US visa appointment at least a week before the interview. This will give you enough time to gather all required supporting documents.

  • After completing the application, you will be required to submit a payment. This is an obligatory fee the U.S. Government charges for the nonimmigrant visa interview service. It is non-refundable. Please make sure to print a copy of your payment receipt. You may experience difficulties if you are not able to show proof of the payment confirmation.

Preparing for a US Visa Appointment: interview questions

The actual US visa interview can last a little over a minute. Therefore, you should go to the interview prepared and ready to answer questions such as:

  • What is the purpose of your visit?
  • Do you have friends or relatives in the U.S.? If “Yes”, do you have an invitation letter?
  • How long are you planning to stay?
  • Can you prove your intention to return to your home country?
  • Can you prove your ties to your home country? (family, work, studies, etc.)
  • Have you ever been arrested?
  • Have you ever been convicted?
  • Have you suffered / are you suffering from any communicable diseases?
  • Have you been to the United States before?
  • What was the purpose of your visit?
  • Have you overstayed any previous visas?

Non-Immigrant Visa interview tips

Make sure to arrive at your US visa appointment early. The last thing you would want is to have your application denied because of a traffic delay. Once you enter the U.S. Embassy / Consulate, make sure to keep quiet and be at your best. The staff who will be interviewing you are trained to recognize when people lie to them and when they are nervous. During the interview, you must remain calm, polite, and most importantly – answer all questions honestly.

Take a look at the interview example questions above and make sure to have physical proof of your arguments. This would mean to have a bank statement or a letter from your employer with you to prove your working status.

Note: Do not attempt to manipulate or lie to the interviewer. If you answer with fraudulent or misleading information, your visa application will be rejected. What is more, you will experience further difficulties when making future visa applications for the U.S.

Remain calm and formal until the end of the interview. You will be told whether you pass this stage or not once the interview is done. In the case of a refusal, do not get angry nor nervous. Whatever your reaction is, the interviewing officer has the right to include it in your record for all following interviewers to see. This may also complicate any future applications.

Bear in mind that after the interview your passport will remain to be processed together with your visa application.

After your application has been revised and approved, the Embassy or Consulate will need approximately 5 business days to process the information, issue your visa, and return your passport.

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