Including a Sponsorship Letter in your US Visa Application

Sponsorship letter for Tourist Visa

The invitation letter for the US visa is a document which is used to support a visa application. The letter is written by a friend or relative and shows that the visa applicant is endorsed by, and has the support of, a US citizen or someone legally living in the states.

The person who writes the sponsorship letter not only shows their trust in the individual but also assumes some legal responsibilities for the visitor, including financial responsibility for the duration of their visit.

The invitation letter for the visitor visa is not an obligatory requirement which all applicants must include in their application. Instead, it is an optional inclusion which may help to influence the decision to issue a visa.

Including an invitation letter to the US shows that the applicant has a legitimate interest in visiting the country and is likely to follow US laws and regulations. It can help to strengthen the ESTA authorization application.

Should you include a visa sponsorship letter in your US visa application?

Keep in mind that the letter of invitation for the US visa is not a requirement for a US visa application. If you choose not to include one it does not mean that your application will be rejected.

However, including a sponsor letter for the visa is a way of increasing the chances of your visa application being granted. It minimizes the chances of an ESTA refusal by earning your application additional points.

Who can write a sponsorship letter for the US visitor visa?

Any friend or relative legally living in America can write a sponsorship letter for the tourist visa. Representatives from institutions such as colleges, businesses, and churches can also write one.

The writer of the letter needs to have some kind of relationship with the applicant and must agree to ensuring the security and the integrity of the visitor. Family members must provide documentation which proves the relationship.

US citizens who write an invitation letter for the visa have to prove their legal status by producing a birth certificate or passport. Those who have permanent legal residency must produce a copy of their green card.

Requirements for the invitation letter for the USA visitor visa

There is no set way of writing an invitation letter, whether it be in support of a B1 visa or a B2 visa. However, the letter should be written in a formal style and must meet the following requirements:

  • The letter must be written in English.
  • The time, date, and place where the letter was written must be included.
  • It must include the contact details and general information about the sponsor, including the full name, date of birth, address, job occupation.
  • It must include the visitor’s full name, date of birth, and address.
  • The relationship between the visitor and the sponsor needs to be stated.
  • The reason for the visitor’s visit, and its duration, should be specified.
  • It is recommended to show evidence of the visitor’s financial solvency.
  • The letter should be typed on a computer so that it is legible.

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