Reasons to shop in the United States

reasons to shop in the united states

While there are plenty of reasons to visit the United States – the Grand Canyon, the Walk of Fame, Yosemite National Park, and Times Square, for starters – another big draw for tourists is the seemingly endless shopping opportunities offered all over the country.

Visitors to the U.S. from other parts of the world are impressed by the variety of goods and services that are available – and often at prices that are much cheaper than in their home countries.

The reasons for cheaper prices in the United States are various: a higher supply, greater product variety, and a weaker dollar. Most tourists stop by a shopping center before they catch their return flight home to stock up on goods that are cheaper or that can only be purchased in America.

While there may be countless shopping opportunities, visitors to the United States should be aware that prices in the United States do not generally include sales tax. These can be as high as 8.75%, which means that it should be calculated into the final price.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or if you are planning on returning to the US for tourism, there are plenty of shopping opportunities to take advantage of.

What to Buy in America

The sheer amount of products on offer in the United States can feel a bit overwhelming. It seems that every store is just bursting with options to purchase and bring home with you.

Everything from electronic equipment to blue jeans, vitamin supplements to designer clothes is generally cheaper in the U.S. than in other countries.

Before you buy, though, make sure you verify the customs limits for your country of origin. These limits, which vary from country to country, affect everything from tobacco to alcohol to luxury items. Avoid any unpleasant surprises and check these limits before you buy.

Products Sold Only in America

Every country on Earth has a specific product or set or products that can only be found in that part of the world. The United States is no different: there are also some products that are sold only (or primarily) in America.

There are certain foods, for example, that are hard to find elsewhere: peanut butter, Girl Scout cookies, graham crackers, root beer, white bread, or Hershey’s chocolate are surely in the top 10. There are also many brands and specialized products that are worth taking a glance at.

With so many options, what are some of the best things you can buy during your time in the United States?

Best Things to Buy in America

While there are thousands of products and options to consider during your time in the United States, there are several items that you should probably seriously consider purchasing before you board your return flight.

  • ELECTRONICS. It’s worth browsing computers and laptops while you’re in the U.S. Recent comparisons show that a Samsung TV is about 20% more expensive in the U.K. Apple products are cheaper too, at an average of 28%.
  • CLOTHING. If you want to renew your wardrobe, the U.S. might be the place to buy new clothing, especially jeans and your favorite designer brands, as these are 20-50% cheaper than they are in other parts of the world.
  • CHILDREN’S TOYS. Visitors to the U.S. with kids are also in for a treat: name brand toys featuring some of your children’s favorite characters are 15-40% cheaper in America. BONUS: Diapers and baby wipes are also less expensive, by 40 to 50%.
  • GASOLINE. Tourists who plan on driving a car during their time in the U.S. will get a pleasant surprise at the pump: gasoline is about 30% cheaper than it is in other countries. Though you can’t take this one on the plane with you, you can make the most of it while you’re in America.
  • VITAMINS AND SUPPLEMENTS. If you need to stock up on your vitamins and nutritional supplements while you’re in the United States, you would be wise to make the most of the discount that is as high as 50%.

Remember that you can’t take advantage of these shopping opportunities until you have been granted entry into the country – a process that begins by filing an application for a US ESTA visa. Whatever your reason for visiting (or returning) to the U.S., the choices alone will be enough to keep you entertained.

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