How to Dress for the American Consulate Visa Interview?

us visa interview dress code

Interviews can be nerve-wracking and first impressions are important and the American Consulate visa interview is no exception to this.

What is the Dress Code for the Visa Interview at the American Consulate?

You’ve already applied for a Visa B1 or a Visa B2 to travel to the United States and have complied with all the steps and requirements of the embassy appointment schedule, and now there is only one step to go…the interview for your visa. But you are probably concerned about what to wear or wondering what is the dress code for the US visa interview?

The interview at the consulate is possibly the most exciting part of the process and the most stressful as you’ll finally find out if you’ll get your US visa. There are many things to bear in mind for your interview at the consulate or embassy: What to say? What image to present? What documentation to bring? what to wear?

Interviews in general can be nerve-wracking and can make us feel stressed. More often than not, we have one chance at making a good first impression. The American Consulate visa interview is no exception as it plays a significant role in the visa application process. It is only normal to be concerned about the dress code for the US visa interview, and this article will provide you with guidance on how to make a great first impression. Read further to know what to wear to US visa interview.

How to dress for the American Consulate visa interview?

This article will give you with some ideas about proper attire for your US visa interview. First impressions are essential and it is important to project a positive image of yourself. You should seriously consider what to wear to US visa interview as this may get you some points and bring you closer to obtaining your visa.
An old saying goes, “first impressions are more lasting”. Our appearance says a lot about who we are. Being careful of what you wear and the dress code for US visa interview at the consulate or embassy is something that will help you make a good impression.

What to wear during a US embassy visa interview?

There is no embassy dress code for visa interview as such, though it is best to wear formal clothes: a suit for men and an elegant outfit for a woman are sensible choices. It is not about buying expensive clothes either, it is about wearing clean, ironed, and presentable clothes.
The most important thing is that the clothes you choose make you feel comfortable and give you confidence. An outfit should be comfortable and smart. If you are not feeling comfortable in what you wear for the US visa interview, your discomfort will show. You might become nervous, simply because you are not feeling comfortable in your clothes and this might give the migration officer the wrong impression. The attire for the US interview should show that you are confident and sure of yourself.

Is dressing formally the only way to dress?

Formal or proper attire for US visa interview is not the only option. There are other options. The secret is to find a middle ground between an outfit that looks good and that reflects your personality. Put yourself in the shoes of the consulate officer and imagine how you would judge someone who dressed in shorts and t-shirts. Would you take this person seriously? On the other hand, a shirt and tie doesn’t guarantee the perfect first impression either.

The clothes are as important as how you wear them. Meaning, even if you have a great outfit, it should look pristine, clean, ironed. It also matters how you put your makeup or how you wear your beard, your hairstyle, and your nails. It is not just what you wear for the US visa interview at the American consulate, but it is about how you present yourself as a whole.

Men embassy dress code tips:

  • Try wearing a blazer or suit jacket with a shirt, and combine them with dark jeans or khaki pants, shoes (brown shoes always combine very well).
  • You can also wear a polo shirt of a single color.
  • Wear smart-casual shoes that are neither scruffy or dirty.
  • Avoid extreme bright colors or printed shirts.
  • Avoid sneakers or sports shoes.
  • Avoid accessorizing and leave the sunglasses at home.

Men should really consider shaving or at least styling their beards and mustaches for the interview.

Female dress code for US visa interview tips:

  • Try wearing a blazer or suit jacket with a formal blouse and dark trousers or jeans.
  • Also, consider wearing a dress that it is formal and suitable for the occasion.
  • Avoid miniskirts or very tight dresses.
  • Wear elegant shoes, and avoid extremely high heels.
  • Wear soft makeup and a simple hairstyle.
  • Don’t wear too many accessories.
  • Leave the big purses at home.

A good advice for women on how to dress for the US visa interview is less is more. The female dress code for US visa interview is not that different from the men’s dress code. However, women should wear less makeup, less accessories, less color. How would you dress for a job interview? Think about the impression you want to make.

Dress code for a consulate visa interview: what not to wear

  • T-shirts.
  • Trainers.
  • Swimwear.
  • Outfits with fluorescent colors.
  • Too much jewelry.
  • Don’t show your underwear.

Final tips on what to wear at your US visa interview

As well the dress code for the US visa interview, it is important that the rest of your appearance is neat, so make sure you have washed and smartened up well in advance. Take some water with you, make sure you have the correct documentation and check the things that you can’t bring to the embassy, some include a lighter, big purses or bags and your mobile phone. There are many more visa interview tips that can help you obtain your US visa.

If you are from a country that is part of the Visa Waiver Program you should apply for the US ESTA. If your ESTA has been denied, you might have to apply for your visa at the consulate or embassy. Furthermore, if you had a US visa refusal due to your criminal record you will have to follow additional steps in order to obtain a visa to travel to the US.

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