How to Get a Fast Track ESTA for Travel Emergencies

esta in an hour

Taking an unexpected trip to the USA? If you just realized you need an ESTA visa waiver to enter the country for any of the following reasons, read on to find out how to obtain a US ESTA in 1 hour:

  • Your passport expired and you had it renewed but you did not remember to get an ESTA with your new passport details
  • You had to take an emergency trip to the US
  • You simply forgot to apply for an ESTA a few days before your departure towards the United States

The good news is that it is entirely possible to obtain a US ESTA within 1 hour by filling out a simple online application form with your personal, passport, and travel details.

The Fastest Way to Get a US ESTA

There is a fast-track way to submit an emergency ESTA application. An express ESTA can be obtained within 1 hour of requesting your travel authorization for the US via a simple online form.

Once it is processed, you will receive an electronic confirmation at the email address you provide within the contact details of your quick ESTA application form. Your ESTA will be electronically linked to your passport, so border authorities will be able to see it when they scan your passport.

Step By Step Emergency ESTA for US Application

The express ESTA can be obtained entirely online, with no need to wait in long lines at a US embassy or consulate. There is no need for an appointment either, nor to have an interview with consular personnel.

Make sure you have the ESTA requirements at hand (see quick list below) and just follow the simple instructions to get your ESTA for emergency travel within 1 hour of applying:

  • Complete your ESTA express application form with your personal details, passport information and travel data
    • Enter your email address and cell phone number
    • Submit your payment details —major credit and debit cards are accepted to pay the express ESTA for emergencies fee online
  • Carefully review the data you have provided before finalizing your application in order to ensure it is error-free —typos and inconsistencies in the data can cause delays, so please take a minute to check that you have entered the information exactly as it is printed on your passport bio page
  • Select the 1 hour ESTA turnaround option
    • Submit your application and check your email —you will receive your ESTA travel authorization for the US within 1 hour

Fast-Track or Emergency ESTA Application Requirements

If you hold a valid passport from an ESTA eligible country and are visiting the USA for under 90 days, you will need the following in order to apply for an express ESTA:

  • A current passport that remains valid for at least 6 months beyond your travel dates (unless you hold a passport issued by a “six month club” country, in which case it only needs to be valid for the duration of the stay in the US)
  • An email address you have access to —where you will receive a digital copy of your 1 hour ESTA as soon as it is granted, as well as notifications related to your ESTA application
  • A credit or debit card to cover the emergency ESTA processing fees

As you can see, the requirements to obtain a fast ESTA for the US within just 60 minutes are quite simple. The entire process takes no longer than 10 minutes to complete.

Express US ESTA Benefits

Unlike traditional travel visas that take weeks or sometimes even months of hassle to be approved, most express ESTA applications are processed within 1 hour of applying.

Furthermore, the quick ESTA has other advantages for eligible travelers:

  • The travel authorization remains valid for 2 years from the date it is issued as long as the passport used has not expired.
  • The express ESTA is a multiple entry permit.
  • The quick ESTA grants the holder up to 90 days to stay and travel within the US territory.
  • Fast-track ESTA authorizations can be issued for several travel purposes, including leisure and tourism or business.
  • Last-minute ESTA applications can be filed regardless of the travelers’ urgent circumstances.

If you are already at the airport wondering whether it is possible to speed up the ESTA process, the simple answer is yes. Just follow the 3 simple steps outlined above to get your ESTA for the US in an hour.


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