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Citizens of over 30 countries in America’s Visa Waiver Program (VWP) can go to Guam without a visa provided they first register with ESTA, the Electronic System for Travel Authorization.

That’s because, despite its location in the western Pacific Ocean, Guam is U.S. territory, its citizens are American and U.S. visa policy applies.

Guam, the westernmost land of the United States of America, is a popular tourist destination welcoming over 1.63 million visitors in 2019. With a fascinating history, scenic beaches, and beautiful natural landscapes, Guam offers a very different experience from continental USA.

America’s Electronic System for Travel Authorization provides convenient and hassle-free access to the island where America’s day begins.

Fully electronic and with no need to attend an interview, eligible foreigners can apply for an ESTA for Guam 24 hours a day from the comfort of their own home.

Holidaymakers planning a trip to Guam can find useful information below about the documents necessary and other ESTA requirements.

Do You need a Visa to Go to Guam?

The Visa Waiver Program of the United States allows passport holders from several countries to spend up to 90 days on American soil visa-free.

This is great news for eligible foreigners traveling to Guam. Whilst they won’t need a visa, it is essential that people from VWP countries apply for ESTA prior to departure.

Unlike many visa applications, the ESTA process does not require foreigners to present paperwork in person at an embassy or attend an interview. Instead, all documentation is submitted digitally for maximum convenience.

The ESTA visa waiver for Guam is valid for tourism, business, and transit purposes for up to 90 days. A U.S. tourist visa is needed to stay in Guam for longer than 3 months.

Guam Visa Waiver Countries

Currently, the following nations participate in the visa waiver program of the United States:

Citizens of all these countries can access Guam without a visa but must register for a visa waiver. It’s important to note that adults and children need an ESTA to enter Guam.

What Documents Do You Need to Travel to Guam?

To obtain an ESTA, visitors must be in possession of the following:

  • A valid passport from one of the VWP countries
  • A debit or credit card to pay the ESTA for Guam fees
  • A current email address for any correspondence and to receive the approved ESTA

A biometric passport (ePassport) must be used to allow for the ESTA permit to be electronically linked to the chip. As the authorization is digitally associated with the passport, there’s no need to print the visa waiver or carry around the physical permit.

Electronic visa waivers cannot be transferred from one passport to another. This means that, should the passport expire whilst the ESTA for Guam remains valid, a new ESTA request must be made.

For the same reason, to apply for ESTA with dual citizenship it’s important to use the passport which will be presented when entering Guam.

ESTA for Guam Application process

Travelers who meet Guam, the ESTA requirements outlined above can obtain the visa waiver online.

The ESTA application form can be completed in a few minutes with basic personal details and passport information including:

  • Full name as it is appears printed on the passport
  • Date of birth and birthplace
  • Passport date: issue and expiry date, number, and country of issue
  • Contact details including an email address

Some additional questions relating to health and security must also be answered in order to gain access to Guam. This information is used to prescreen individuals and prevent anyone who poses a risk from legally accessing U.S. territory.

Applicants should complete the form carefully as any errors, including spelling mistakes and missing information, might lead to delays and may even be grounds for ESTA rejection.

Once the form has been completed, the ESTA for Guam fees are paid using a debit or credit card and the request is submitted.

How long does it take to get an ESTA for Guam?

Visa waiver requests are processed quickly. Many are approved immediately whilst most are reviewed within 2 working days.

It is advised to apply at least 72 hours prior to departure in case of any delays, however, if this is not possible due to an emergency or last-minute trip, travelers can use the express ESTA service.

With guaranteed 1-hour processing times the essential permit can be obtained right up to the last minute with an urgent ESTA request.

Why Visit Guam with ESTA?

The visa waiver policy is just one of Guam’s attractions. The island’s appeal is far-reaching with plenty of opportunities for adventure and water sports in addition to duty-free shopping.

Guam is best known for its beaches, some of the most popular of which are:

  • Tagachang: a remote beach with shallow water, a good option for children
  • Tanguisson: a beautiful sandy beach great for reef snorkeling and hiking
  • Ritidian Point: a national wildlife refuge alongside jungle and limestone cliffs
  • Talofofo: a rocky beach from which Talofofo falls can be easily visited
  • Agana Bay: perfect for families and jogging, there are a number of cafes and restaurants along the seafront

Furthermore, Guam’s climate is ideal for enjoying the coast. Situated close to the equator, there is little variation between seasons: average daily temperatures are between 79 and 83 ºF (26 to 28 ºC) from January to December.

If one trip to Guam just isn’t enough, travelers can return as many times as they wish using the same ESTA for 2 years or until the associated passport expires.

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