ESTA for Irish citizens

esta for Irish citizens

Do I need a visa to go to America from Ireland?

It’s essential that all Irish travelers obtain an American visa in Ireland before traveling to the USA, as well as ensuring that they have a valid passport and travel insurance in order for Irish nationals to gain access to the country.

Since January 2009 the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has become the authority for issuing travel visas to America for tourists through the ESTA scheme online as well as traditional embassy visas.

ESTA stands for Electronic System of Travel Authorization and it is not actually a visa, but a visa-waiver available for all foreign nationals from the 38 countries in the Visa Waiver Program (VWP), including the Republic of Ireland and Great Britain for Northern Irish citizens.

The ESTA for Ireland permits Irish citizens to travel to the US without the need to endure the long and sometimes complicated process of obtaining a travel visa from an embassy or consulate for visits of up to 90 days.

The ESTA is a necessary legal requirement for all foreign nationals traveling to USA from Ireland via air or sea. It is a method of pre-screening travelers to the US from the 38 VWP countries in order to improve and control national security.

How can Irish nationals apply for the ESTA?

Irish nationals must apply for a visa for America from Ireland (ESTA Ireland) at least 72 hours prior to departure. Without the authorized visa waiver, Irish citizens may be denied access to their flight and will not be permitted to touch US soil.

The process of applying for the ESTA visa Ireland is simple, fast and can be completed in 10 short minutes. The usual response is mostly likely to be emitted immediately however it could take up to 3 days. For this reason, it is best always to apply for your ESTA at the time of arranging travel plans. Irish citizens can apply online for the ESTA at any point they like even if they do not have their trip organized yet but meet the following visa-waiver criteria:

American Visa requirements for Irish citizens are as follows:

  • For Irish nationals
  • With a machine-readable valid passport (or e-Passport)
  • Trips up to 90 days
  • For tourism, visiting family or non-remunerated business activities.

Once the applicant receives the confirmed ESTA visa for Irish via e-mail, it is valid for a period of two consecutive years while the passport connected to it remains valid. If either of the two reach their expiry date, it is necessary for Irish citizens to apply for a new ESTA before traveling to the US.

To get your visa for America from Ireland, you can apply using the ESTA application form, presenting your personal details, travel document data and answering some basic security questions.

Also, it’s key to review the ESTA application for Irish citizens before submitting it as any error, no matter how small or insignificant could cause the ESTA to be denied. So, remember to be careful, answer truthfully and re-read your form before sending it.

ESTA from Ireland

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