Essential and necessary USA travel docs

Essential and necessary usa travel docs

Organizing a trip takes time and careful planning. With the recent modifications to the Visa Waiver Program 2016, it is extremely important that you are sure which travel documents you need and if they are correct.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your trip.

Passport for the USA

This may seem obvious but there are new heightened security measures as well as new US entry requirements you have to consider. You need to make sure that your passport has the correct format and that it is current.

The new US entry requirements require that your passport be biometric and that its validity covers the entirety of your stay. Depending on your nationality you will not need any additional validity beyond that.

Please note that a new passport may take weeks to process.

ESTA document

All travellers entering the USA under the VWP are required to hold a valid ESTA Visa Waiver.
The ESTA Visa Waiver Program is available for nationals of 39 countries, including United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. The ESTA allows its holders to stay in the United States for up to 90 days. The types of travel allowed under the VWP include tourism, certain business visits and transit to another country.

The ESTA document is the easiest and fastest way to enter the US. Once you complete the online application you will know almost instantly if it has been approved or denied. The ESTA visa is valid for two years or until your passport expires, whichever comes first.

To avoid delaying or having to cancel your trip, we recommend you apply for your ESTA Visa Waiver as soon as possible. This way, in the event your ESTA is denied you will still have time to apply for a standard nonimmigrant visa at the nearest embassy or consulate of the United States of America.

Travel insurance for USA

Once you have your approved ESTA you may start planning your trip.

We recommend obtaining a travel insurance whenever travelling abroad.

Such insurance will cover the costs of unexpected events like flight cancelation, loss of luggage, accidents, trip cancelation, theft and medical expenses.

A medical emergency in the USA can be very expensive, for instance an emergency evacuation can cost up to $100,000!

Carefully select your insurance plan to make sure it will cover all of your needs.

Safe travels!

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