What advantages does the ESTA for USA provide?

Individuals from 39 different countries, which form the Visa Waiver Program, may apply for an ESTA visa waiver. Candidates may apply for ESTA visa up to 72 hours before their flight to the States. Most applications are processed in just a couple of minutes, and successful candidates receive an ESTA approval almost immediately. This is a great advantage for everyone traveling on short notice.

The ESTA travel authorization is valid for two consecutive years. Due to this fact, travelers do not need to make any new applications when entering the States as long as their stay is under 90 days long.

Furthermore, applicants from the Visa Waiver countries may make their application in under 10 minutes, through secured and reliable online platforms. This process is unlike any visa application, when candidates must provide a large number of documents, which will serve as proof of their intention to return to their home country, after visiting the U.S.

Furthermore, an ESTA application does not require a one-to-one interview, unlike full visa applications. Eligible applicants save a large amount of money and time, preparing for their trip to the United States.

Individuals may apply for ESTA up to 72 hours before their flight, bound for the US. They don’t need to make any additional preparations, but make an online application and receive a confirmation shortly after.

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