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ESTA for Swiss Citizens

The ESTA US is a visa waiver that allows certain citizens of different countries to apply for an electronic travel authorization with the object of entering the USA multiple times during 2 years.

As the ESTA for the USA is connected directly to the passports, Swiss travelers do not need any extra document for applying.

Do I Need an ESTA as Swiss National?

Swiss citizens must bring a US ESTA when arriving in the United States. It is not allowed to ask for an ESTA directly when landing.

Swiss nationals are one of the less than 40 countries in the world that can ask online for a visa waiver to the US. The ESTA for the USA is required at the border crossings to those international tourists that arrive by air or sea.

The ESTA has no age restrictions, as it is mandatory that all Swiss bring their ESTA, including minors. For those Swiss families traveling together, it exists the possibility of asking for a group or family ESTA. It has the advantage of not carrying each ESTA member. With only one document every person that forms the group or the family can enter the USA.

In case the Swiss are arriving in the USA in a transit flight and they have time enough for visiting the city where they have the connection flight, then the ESTA for transit is also mandatory. It can be asked online. It is not possible to get it at the airport. A transit ESTA is available for 2 years, too.

Swiss nationals are allowed to enter the USA with an ESTA for tourism purposes and business. If they want to arrive in the US because of a work contract, studies, or even voluntary work, the ESTA is not allowed. Swiss must go to the North American embassy to know which is the suitable visa.

How Can I Apply for ESTA From Switzerland?

The ESTA application is very simple and it can be comfortably filled in at home. Swiss citizens will need:

  • A good internet connection. It is important to know that it will not be interruptions
  • An electronic device such as a smartphone, laptop, desktop, or even a tablet
  • An active email address
  • A valid credit or debit card

The application form for getting an ESTA to the US is done 100% online. Swiss applicants can start the electronic form by registering their email account. The email registration is a requirement to go ahead with the process, as the ESTA will be sent to the email address once it is approved, as well as any update regarding the application or to check the ESTA status.

During the application, Swiss applicants should answer some personal questions with respect to their complete name, address, place of birth, age, and gender. It will be also required to submit passport information.

After these personal questions, the form continues with security questions. These are a kind of inquiries concerning applicants’ behavior if they have criminal reports, nocive intentions, or contagious diseases.

All the mandatory answers will be marked with an asterisk. It is important to answer all the questions truthfully and do not make any mistake during the ESTA application because a rejection of the visa waiver to the US could happen.

Once the ESTA application is filled, Swiss nationals must pay the ESTA fee. When the payment is completed, the ESTA USA requirement will send to the US authorities. Then, in less than 24 hours, Swiss citizens should receive their ESTA travel authorization.

When must the USA ESTA for Swiss nationals be asked for?

Even though the approved ESTA is usually sent to applicants in no more than 24 hours, it is highly recommended to ask for it at least 3 days before departing. It is important to consider when to ask for the ESTA.

The ESTA, which must be printed, although it is an electronic visa waiver, is asked in Switzerland airports when boarding. If Swiss travelers have not the ESTA, they can be asked not to board.

If Swiss nationals have a previous ESTA and it is going to expire during the USA trip, they do not have to apply for the US ESTA renewal. It has to be active when landing. In case the ESTA expires before departing, Swiss travelers must apply for an ESTA renewal.

ESTA Requirements for Swiss Applicants

The eligible countries that can ask for a visa waiver to the USA must follow the same ESTA US requirements. Swiss applicants can apply for an ESTA USA as long as they:

  • Have a biometric passport valid to the US and issued by Swiss authorities
  • Have not been criminally reported in the US
  • Have not overstayed a US visa or visa waiver previously
  • Have no criminal records
  • Have not traveled to Syria, Iran, Iraq, or Sudan after March 1, 2011
  • Have no eradicated, dangerous illnesses

In case Swiss applicants do not meet these requirements, the ESTA US will be rejected. Swiss travelers carrying criminal reports when entering the US may be informed about their travel options.

US Visa Waiver Benefits for Swiss Citizens

Swiss applicants have benefits when applying for an ESTA. The US ESTA is not the same as a visa. The ESTA is a visa waiver, an authorization document active for a concrete period of time.

It does not need to have previous appointments at the USA embassy or to present travel documents, bank accounts, or even the travel plan. Those not eligible countries must apply for other visa types, such as the tourist visa to the US. Trying to obtain these travel permissions is more complicated than the ESTA.

The US visa waiver is a program that makes the border controls agiler than before it was established.

With all this information in mind, citizens of Switzerland can have a hassle-free application process to apply for and enter the United States of America.

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