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How to Apply for the ESTA from Sweden

The government of the United States has created the ESTA USA (short for Electronic System for Travel Authorization for the United States) and made it available in January of 2009. The goal is to identify which travelers from countries that fall within the Visa Waiver Program are eligible. Prior to traveling to the United States, the ESTA US visa will collect the passport information of the traveler automatically.

Citizens from Sweden who meet the requirements and are eligible should get ESTA authorization if they wish to be granted entry into the United States of America. Any traveler who wishes to get the ESTA visa for the United States should be in possession of a valid passport. The traveler should also be in possession of a valid visa waiver when arriving at one of the ports of entry of the United States.

Basic Requirements for Swedish Citizens to Enter the USA

The ESTA for Swedish citizens has a couple of key requirements that must be considered prior to embarking on a trip to the United States of America. These basic requirements include the following points:

The passport that is used for the ESTA application from Sweden should be a biometric passport with an electronic chip. If the passport is an older version, applicants could put their business plans or family holiday in jeopardy.

Furthermore, the ESTA visa will only be valid for two years after it has been approved. Applicants should also bear in mind that if their passport should expire in the meantime, their ESTA visa will also expire.

ESTA Application Form for Swedish Citizens

The ESTA application form has sections about the applicant’s passport information, personal details and travel plans. Applicants will have to answer a couple of security questions as well.
This application form is used to collect all the information of the traveler in order to check it against databases.

The asterisk (*) symbol indicates all the compulsory fields that an applicant must complete. Applicants can click on the question mark next to the fields if they require more information about how to answer the particular field.

The following are some key tips that will help applicants to complete the form and application process:

  • All the information must be filled in correctly
  • Ensure that information on the passport corresponds to the information on the ESTA application
  • All the questions must be answered truthfully
  • Before the application form is submitted, the applicant must check all the information
  • Ensure that a valid email address is provided

In order for the ESTA application for Swedish citizens to be processed, a payment must also be made after the questions have been answered. This fee can be paid by means of a credit or debit card.

Information About Traveling to the US From Sweden

In order to be given entry to the United States of America, all travelers must travel with their ESTA visa that has been approved. Alternatively, if the ESTA has been denied, he/she will have to travel with a US tourist visa instead.

In addition to this ESTA or traditional visa, all who wish to travel the US from Sweden must also have international medical insurance.

Circumstances That Require a Swedish Citizen to Get a Visa Instead of an ESTA

If a Swedish citizen’s application for the ESTA gets denied, he/she will have to apply for a B1 or B2 visa. The following are a couple of the most common reasons for the ESTA getting denied:

  • One of the answers of the Visa Waiver Program has been answered dishonestly
  • On a previous visit, the applicant stayed longer in the United States that his/her documentation allowed
  • Entry or a visa has been denied previously
  • An applicant has taken part in unauthorized employment
  • The passport number that has been used has been reported as stolen or lost

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