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ESTA for Spanish Citizens

All Spanish nationals intending to travel to the USA must first receive authorization from the government of the United States.

Citizens of Spain wishing to enter the US for a period of no longer than 90 days may apply for ESTA for Spanish citizens. ESTA is an acronym that stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorization.

An ESTA from Spain is a visa waiver system that replaces the standard US visa. Holders of a US ESTA for Spanish citizens may use it to visit the United States on short trips for any of the following travel purposes:

  • Business
  • Tourism
  • Medical treatment

How Can I Apply for ESTA from Spain?

Spanish citizens can apply for ESTA from Spain using a simple and accessible online application system. The application process normally takes roughly 10 minutes.

To ensure their ESTA application from Spain will be accepted, applicants are advised to verify the following:

  • That they have filled in the application with truthful and accurate information
  • That they have carefully checked that all the personal and passport data entered in the application form coincides exactly with the information printed on the applicant’s passport
  • That they have given a valid, working email address

When submitting an ESTA application for Spanish citizens, applicants should note that all children and other minors/ dependents do require their own ESTA Spain, regardless of whether or not they are traveling in the company of a parent or guardian.

Once the ESTA application from Spain has been submitted, ESTA Spain applicants can conveniently check the status of their application on a computer or mobile device and can verify the issue date, expiration date, passport details recorded, etc.

Those intending to apply for ESTA from Spain should note that in order for an ESTA application for Spanish citizens to be accepted, a processing fee must be paid.

Advisory Information for the ESTA Application from Spain

Any Spanish national who intends to apply for ESTA from Spain is advised of the following:

  • The ESTA for Spanish citizens is generally processed instantaneously. It may, however, take up to a maximum of 3 days for US Customs and Border Patrol to process an ESTA application from Spain. As a result, travelers are strongly encouraged to apply for ESTA for Spanish citizens as early as possible, and at least 72 hours before they intend to depart for the United States
  • ESTA Spain functions as a pre-screening evaluation. It grants the holder permission to travel to the United States of America, but the final decision on whether or not the individual will be admitted to the country rests with US Customs and Border Protection. However, most holders of ESTA for Spanish citizens are admitted at their US port of entry without any delays or complications

ESTA Requirements for Spanish Citizens Traveling to the USA

Any Spanish citizen who wishes to apply for an ESTA from Spain must be able to produce the following requirements:

  • A valid Spanish passport that is machine-readable and contains an electronic chip
  • An email address the applicant has access to, where they will be sent the ESTA once it has been approved
  • A credit or debit card with which the applicant can cover the appropriate fees

Do I Need an ESTA from Spain to Transit Through the United States?

Yes. All Spanish citizens making layovers, stopovers, or otherwise moving in transit through the United States of America must obtain an ESTA for Spanish citizens.

An ESTA for Transit is required for spanish transit passengers regardless of the duration of their transfer period in the US.

When Does a Spanish Citizen Need a Visa Instead of an ESTA?

It should be noted that individuals in the below categories cannot receive an ESTA Spain even if they possess a valid Spanish passport:

  • Those holding criminal records
  • Anyone carrying a severe and contagious disease that poses a threat to public health and safety in the United States of America
  • Any individual who has, in the past, been barred from entering the USA, been deported from the USA, or stayed in the United States on an ESTA past the 90-day limit
  • All those who have been present in Iran, Iraq, Sudan, or Syria on or since March 1, 2011

However, Spanish citizens who are ineligible to apply for ESTA from Spain may still be able to obtain a US tourist visa. US tourist visas are split into 2 classifications:

  • B1, referred to as a business visa. This visa is for applicants visiting the United States for the purpose of business and related activities.
  • B2, referred to as a travel or tourist visa. This visa is for applicants traveling to the USA for the purposes of leisure, tourism, or family visits.

Applications for tourist visas must be submitted at a US embassy or consulate.

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