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ESTA for Singaporean Citizens

The American electronic travel authorization system currently allows citizens of the 39 countries listed within the Visa Waiver Program to enter the U.S. by simply filling out an ESTA registration form online.

The ESTA US visa is an automated program that gathers and verifies a traveler’s passport and travel details before they travel to the US. The Electronic System for Travel Authorization for USA was made available on January 12th, 2009.

The United States immigration authorities have designed ESTA to determine the eligibility status of foreign citizens from countries in the Visa Waiver Program. Approved applicants will receive their travel authorizations via email so that they can print them out prior to traveling to the United States.

The ESTA currently allows citizens multiple entries to the United States during a period of 2 years. Make sure to verify whether you need an ESTA in Transit, ESTA or a tourist visa for the US so you can apply appropriately according to your specific situation.

Do Singaporeans need a visa or an ESTA to enter the US?

Singapore is one of the countries listed within the United States of America Visa Waiver Program. This means that Singaporean passport holders do not have to apply for a traditional visa in order to visit the United States.

Singaporean nationals are eligible to apply for the ESTA online. Fortunately, this saves individuals planning a trip to the United States the time and effort required to visit a US embassy or consulate in person multiple times, whether to apply or pick up their documents.

Instead, Singaporean passport holders will securely and conveniently receive their approved US ESTA Singapore in PDF format via email prior to their departure.

Is it easy for Singaporean Citizens to get an ESTA for USA?

Previously, applying for a traditional visa for the US involved presenting the required documents at the American embassy in the Republic of Singapore.

Fortunately, American immigration authorities now allow Singaporean citizens an easier way to obtain an American ESTA: the Tourist visa for the US will simplify and quicken the process, entirely eliminating the need to visit an American mission.

Singaporean nationals are required to apply for an ESTA USA online before visiting the United States of America. The majority of electronic travel authorizations for Singapore applications are approved and issued within a 24 to 72-hour time frame.

Once an individual has all the necessary requirements for an ESTA for Singaporean citizens on hand, the application in itself is very simple. The hassle-free process will be entirely completed online from the comfort of the applicant’s own home or office.

ESTA Requirements for Singaporean Passport Holders

Singaporean passport holders are eligible to obtain an Electronic System for Travel Authorization in order to enter the US territory. Upon arrival at a US port of entry, the traveler should hold a valid ESTA visa waiver.

To obtain a Singapore ESTA visa for the US, applicants must have the following requirements on hand:

  • A valid biometric passport with a minimum remaining validity of 6 months after the estimated departure date.
  • A valid email address, to receive communications and the downloadable document as soon as your application is approved.
  • A credit or debit card to cover the issuance fee.

How to Apply for an ESTA From Singapore

The ESTA application for Singapore follows the same general process as the application for other countries. Besides the normal ESTA requirements – which include being a member of the Visa Waiver Program, having a biometric passport, and having an approved reason for travel – travelers will also have to answer standard security questions. These might include questions regarding your background, employment, and criminal history.

Once approved, the applicant will receive their travel authorization in their inbox.

What can I do if ESTA US is denied to a Singaporean passport holder?

There are a few basic measures an applicant can take in order to significantly increase their chance of being granted an approved ESTA visa Singapore. Individuals applying are advised to carefully check all the information they are providing as they fill out the simple application form, since any errors or inconsistencies may result in delays, or even in a denied ESTA. On the other hand, they are also advised to revise the ESTA eligibility requirements and ensure that they have them on hand during the application process.

Fortunately, there are other options available in the event that a Singaporean applicant is denied an ESTA. The primary alternative option in this situation would be to apply for a traditional B2 visitor visa. The application process, requirements, and fees are different than what is currently in place for ESTA so it is recommended that citizens become familiar with the required information they will be asked to provide during their application.

Traveling to the U.S. from Singapore can be relatively simple if you follow the right steps and submit the correct documentation on time.

ESTA Singapore to USA Additional Information

  • Plan a trip less than 90 days
  • Have a current Electronic Passport with digital photo and chip
  • Have not travelled since 2011 to any of the following countries: Iran, Sudan, Iraq or Syria
  • Not have a serious disease that can be transmitted and spread among the U.S. population
  • Without serious convictions for a crime of moral turpitude

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