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ESTA for Greek Citizens

The US Electronic System for Travel Authorization, known as ESTA, is a visa waiver that enables citizens of Greece and many other nationalities to travel to the US.

The US visa waiver program is a government scheme that grants entry to nationals of 39 VWP countries. Greece was included in the program in 2010, which resulted in the possibility to apply online for Greek citizens.

Why Do Greeks Need an ESTA to visit the US?

The US visa waiver adds an extra layer of security when it comes to facing potential terrorist threats since it requires to pre-screen Greek visitors, among many others, prior to their trip to the US.

The implementation of an electronic visa waiver scheme strengthens security in US borders for both Greek passengers and American citizens.

Please remember, Greek nationals are not allowed entry without a valid ESTA visa waiver.

ESTA Application Form for Greek Nationals

Only 10 to 20 minutes are required to finish the application process, while the rate of approval is high. However, Greek nationals are recommended to complete the form 72 hours prior to the trip in order to achieve smooth processing and avoid any potential delays nor difficulties.

In this regard, Greek passport holders must follow several rules before making any travel plans to the US.

Firstly, the ESTA application form needs to be fully completed. The form consists of a simple set of straightforward questions regarding basic personal data that must be answered.

The provision of the applicant’s full name, passport details, and his/her intended travel plans are essential.

Additionally, security and safety questions must be answered for protocol purposes. Honesty is required. Misinformation or errors can result in rejection of the ESTA visa waiver.

The application process is considered complete once all data has been provided and the payment of the ESTA fee has gone through.

ESTA Processing Times for Greeks

Processing times for nationals of Greece are usually within 24 hours. As mentioned earlier, any untruthful information on the Greek applicant’s part could result in the denial of the ESTA visa waiver. For this reason, it is advised that Greek passengers revise all their personal data before submitting their application.

Still, some Greek nationals might find their visa waiver petitions rejected. In most cases, a new application is available when it is due to input errors or when the circumstances of the Greek traveler have changed significantly.

Keeping a digital or printed copy of the approved ESTA is highly advised.

If the ESTA visa waiver expires, a new application will be required.

US ESTA Requirements for Greek Nationals

Greek citizens need to meet several eligibility requirements to obtain an ESTA visa waiver, which include the following:

  • Having an unexpired Greek passport
  • Paying the application fee with a valid credit or debit card
  • Possessing a functional email address

Also, the purpose of the visit should be only of the following:

  • Tourism
  • Business
  • Transit

Last, the intended stay cannot exceed a total of 3 months.

Note: Once an application is approved, the ESTA of the Greek visitor cannot be transferred to another passport book since the visa waiver is connected to the document of the Greek national linked to the application.

How Long Can Greek Travelers Use Their ESTA for?

The US electronic authorization is a multiple-entry permit with a maximum length of stay of 90 days at a time. The US ESTA is valid for 2 years from its date of issue or until the passport expires. A new ESTA application will be needed when any of the previously mentioned documents expire.

When in doubt about its validity, Greek holidaymakers can check their information online anytime and make sure what are the issue and expiration dates of their US ESTA.

If the traveler is not certain of the validity of their US visa waiver, they can check it online. There are negative implications of overstaying an ESTA that will affect future travel to the United States.

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