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ESTA for French Citizens

Before visiting the United States of America, French citizens must receive prior permission from the United States Government.

French nationals planning a trip of 90 days or less to the US are eligible to apply for the ESTA for French Citizens.

ESTA is short for Electronic System for Travel Authorization. This is a visa waiver system that takes the place of a traditional visa and lets French passport-holders come to the States on short trips for business, tourism, or medical purposes.

ESTA Application for Citizens of France

ESTA application from France is a quick and straightforward process that can be completed online.

Filling out and submitting the digital ESTA form for French citizens takes roughly 10 minutes.

To make sure an ESTA visa waiver from France application is successfully submitted,applicants should check that:

  • All the information they enter is accurate and correct, particularly passport details
  • Honest and genuine answers have been supplied to all questions
  • All information has been reviewed and verified before submission
  • A valid email address has been provided

ESTA Application Advisory for France

All those who apply for ESTA from France should be aware of the following information:

  • An application for ESTA for French citizens is usually processed instantly. However, US Customs and Border Patrol may require up to 3 days to review an ESTA application from France, so it is advised to submit applications at least 72 hours prior to departing for the United States.
  • ESTA France is considered a pre-screening evaluation that authorizes the holder to travel to America. However, it is US Customs and Border Protection who have the ultimate say in whether holders of ESTA for French citizens may enter the USA at the port of entry they visit. In practice, the large majority of successful ESTA France applicants are admitted to the USA without issue.

ESTA Benefits for French Citizens

ESTA France offers the following benefits to citizens of France:

  • Once an ESTA application from France has been accepted, the ESTA France is valid for a 2-year period, or until the passport for which it was issued expires. During this period, holders of ESTA for French citizens may make multiple trips of up to 90 days to the USA without having to apply for ESTA from France separately each time
  • Once granted, ESTA for French citizens can be conveniently accessed and stored on a computer or mobile device. Users can easily check the status of their ESTA France to verify the issue date, expiration date, passport details, etc.

ESTA France and Passport Requirements for Entry to the USA

In order to submit an ESTA application for French citizens, the following documentation is required:

  • A valid, machine-readable French passport with an electronic chip
  • A valid email address that the French citizen has access to, where they will receive notifications regarding their ESTA from France application as well as the approved ESTA once it has been processed
  • A credit or debit card with which the citizen can pay the ESTA from France issuance fee online

Should I Apply for an ESTA for French Citizens or a US Visa for French Citizens?

Travelers should apply for ESTA for French citizens if:

  • They intend to take a trip of 90 days or less to the United States of America for business, tourism, or medical purposes.
    • This includes layovers, stopovers, or other transit connections the French citizen may be making in the USA, no matter how long or short in duration.

Please note that the following groups of people are not eligible to complete an ESTA application from France (or any other country), even if they are in possession of a valid French passport:

  • Individuals possessing criminal records
  • Travelers with serious infectious diseases which have the potential to be a danger to public health in the United States
  • Those who have previously been refused entry to the US, been deported by United States authorities, or remained in America on an ESTA France for a period of longer than 90 days
  • Travelers who have visited or otherwise been present in the following countries on or since March 1, 2011: Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, or Yemen

Anyone who is ineligible to complete an ESTA application for French citizens or who has their application rejected, however, may still apply for a US tourist visa for French citizens.

There are 2 types of US tourist visa:

  • A US Travel or Visitor Visa, known as a B2-category visa. This visa is issued to travelers visiting the United States for the purposes of leisure or tourism
  • A US Business Visa, known as a B1-category visa. This visa is issued to travelers visiting the US to pursue business activities

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