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ESTA for Danish Citizens

How to Apply for the ESTA from Denmark

Before embarking on a holiday or business trip to the United States of America, Danish nationals must first get permission from the United States government.

If their trip will be 90 days (or shorter), travelers from Denmark may apply for the ESTA. With this visa waiver system, Danish citizens in possession of a valid passport may enter the United States of America without having to apply for a traditional American tourist visa.

One of the advantages of the US ESTA for Danish nationals is that it costs less than a consular visa and is approved in a much shorter amount of time while a visa would require 2 to 3 months to be processed.

Can Citizens of Denmark Travel to the USA with the ESTA?

Foreign nationals from Denmark who meet the requirements of the ESTA can travel to the USA with the ESTA visa waiver instead of a traditional American tourist visa.

Danish citizens visiting the United States for short trips of 90 days or less, traveling for business or leisure need to obtain an ESTA before their departure.

The ESTA Application Process from Denmark

Having the ESTA requirements for Danish citizens at hand makes the ESTA application process quick and simple.

Any Danish national who wishes to apply will be prompted to complete the online ESTA application form. Luckily, applicants will need only about 10 minutes to complete the straightforward application form.

The ESTA application form for Danish nationals will request information about the applicant’s personal details, travel arrangements and passport in order to run it against databases. A few security questions will also have to be answered.

Lastly, in order for the ESTA application from Denmark to be processed, applicants will have to pay the set fee by means of a valid debit or credit card.

The following are a couple of pointers that will help applicants fill out the application form and complete the application process successfully:

  • All questions marked with an asterisk (*) must be answered
  • Applicants are urged to check that all the questions have been answered correctly and truthfully (especially their passport details) before submitting the form
  • Applicants must double-check that the email address they provide in their application is valid
  • Applicants can click on the question mark if they need more information regarding how to answer a specific field

ESTA Denmark Passport Requirements for Entry to the USA

First and foremost, all travelers who would like to get the ESTA visa waiver for the United States should have a valid biometric passport with an electronic chip.

The ESTA for Danish citizens has a few other important requirements that must be met before leaving Denmark to travel to the United States of America. Foregin nationals who have a criminal record or certain infectious diseases are automatically ineligible.

Also, applicants who have been denied entry to the United States of America or have been deported from the country before will also be automatically classified as ineligible.

It is good practice to take out international medical insurance when traveling from Denmark to the United States on an ESTA visa waiver.

Do I need to apply for the ESTA for nationals of Denmark or a US visa for Danish citizens?

At the beginning of 2009, the United States Government created the ESTA USA which stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorization. The aim is to prescreen applicants from countries that belong to the Visa Waiver Program through the ESTA application prior to their departure towards the USA.

Before traveling to the United States of America, the ESTA US visa will automatically collect the applicant’s relevant passport details.

Denmark is one of the countries that belong to the Visa Waiver Program. Therefore, all Danish citizens who would like to travel to and enter the United States of America must apply for the ESTA.

In the unfortunate event that the ESTA application for Danish citizens has been unsuccessful, Danish citizens should apply for a B1 or B2 US visa. The following are a few of the possible reasons why the ESTA could have been denied:

  • One or more answers of the Visa Waiver Program have been answered incorrectly
  • On a previous trip, the traveler stayed longer in the United States than their visa or ESTA allowed
  • Entry to or a visa for the United States has been denied on a previous occasion
  • An applicant has participated in some type of unauthorized employment while they were in the United States
  • The passport number that has been filled in has been reported as stolen or lost

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