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ESTA for Belgian Citizens

How to Apply for the ESTA from Belgium

Belgium is one of 39 countries worldwide that have been included in the United States Visa Waiver Program.

This agreement lets passport holders of these selected countries enter the United States of America for tourism or business reasons.

The main advantage is that travelers may enter the United States multiple times for 90 days or less without first having to apply for a traditional American visa.

Thus, thanks to this option, Belgium citizens can travel to the United States at a moment’s notice.

How Can I Apply for the ESTA from Belgium?

Only travelers from one of the 39 Visa Waiver countries, of which Belgium is one, are permitted to apply for the ESTA US visa waiver.

Luckily the ESTA application for Belgium citizens is, in most instances, quite a simple process. It can be completed within more or less ten minutes and most of the time the response will be available straight away.

Nevertheless, applicants should please note that certain ESTA applications from Belgium might take longer to process. Therefore, applicants are advised to apply at least 3 business days before their intended departure date towards the United States.

Before they can begin the quick application process, it is imperative that all applicants read the ESTA requirements carefully.

Moreover, applicants should also make sure that they have the funds available to pay the fixed fee by means of a valid debit or credit card.

After an applicant has checked that they satisfy all the ESTA for Belgians requirements, they will be ready to complete the online application form.

Applicants will be asked to share some of their personal and passport details as well as answer a few basic questions with regards to security.

If the ESTA application from Belgium has been successful, the ESTA will be sent via email to the address provided.

As even a minor mistake can result in an ESTA application for Belgium citizens being denied, all applicants are reminded to answer truthfully and go over their answers again before submitting the application.

ESTA Belgium Requirements to Travel to the USA

In addition to the other ESTA requirements, applicants will need to be in possession of a valid passport.

Aside from being unexpired, the passport should also be a biometric passport with an electronic chip. If the passport fails to meet the requirements, applicants run the risk of putting their business plans or holiday in jeopardy.

It is advisable to get international medical insurance before leaving Belgium to travel to the United States of America.

Lastly, it is important to take note that Belgium citizens who have a criminal record, certain infectious diseases or have been denied entry to the US before will be ineligible to apply for the ESTA for Belgium citizens.

ESTA Benefits for Belgian Citizens

The ESTA visa waiver for travelers from Belgium is not only more affordable but also more time-efficient.

Belgian ESTA applicants can save a lot of time and hassle as they do not have to complete an interview at the embassy.

Moreover, in most instances, applicants will receive a response right away. The alternative option of having to apply for a traditional American consular visa can take anywhere between 2 to 3 months.

Lastly, as the ESTA for the United States of America is valid for a period of 2 years, travelers can apply for the ESTA for Belgium citizens long before they have even finalized their travel plans.

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