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ESTA for Austrian Citizens

In 2009, the USA created a visa waiver program for certain nationalities that allows them to apply online for an ESTA, which is an electronic document that provides access to the country in the form of a visa waiver. Austrian nationals are able to apply for the USA ESTA, as they are part of the list of eligible countries.

What Is the ESTA for Austria?

The ESTA for the USA is an electronic travel authorization that Austrian nationals can get by an online application.

The ESTA allows applicants to remain in the country a maximum of 90 consecutive days and it is valid for 2 years. During this period, Austrian applicants can enter the US multiple times without having to ask an ESTA each time.

The US visa waiver permits Austrians to enter the US because of tourism, medical purposes, business, and even transit. The ESTA in transit is mandatory for those travelers of Austria arriving in the US for a few hours through connecting flights.

For those Austrian citizens intending to enter the country because of work affairs, the ESTA is not suitable. They would have to ask the US embassy which is the necessary visa.

A tourist visa for the USA is not the same as an ESTA. The ESTA is available for only certain countries, and it does not require to take appointments at any US embassy or consulate, while the tourist visa is an in-person application.

The ESTA, or USA visa waiver, is connected with the new biometric passports. Austrian passport holders can access the online form in order to obtain their ESTA

How Can I Apply for the US ESTA From Austria?

The US ESTA’s online application form is prepared to be completed online and it can be filled in using any electronic device with an internet connection, including smartphones and tablets.

The online application requires to be registered by email. It is important that Austrian travelers use an active email account, as most of the ESTA application updates or status and even the approved ESTA are sent via email.

The application consists of a series of questions. The first ones are regarding personal data, including the passport information and current address in Austria.

The second part includes a security check. There are some questions concerning possible criminal reports or inappropriate behavior of Austrian applicants, as well as the reasons why travelers from Austria are visiting the US.

It is very important to answer correctly all the questions, as any mistake could provoke an ESTA rejection.

Once the form is completed, it is necessary to pay the ESTA fee. Once Austrians have paid and submitted all the necessary information, the USA administration will issue the ESTA in less than 24 hours in a PDF format attached to an email. The ESTA must be printed and brought to the trip together with the original passport.

Even though the US ESTA is usually ready in less than one day, it is advised that Austrians apply in advance to avoid last-minute issues.

ESTA Requirements for Austrian Citizens

Austria citizens interested in getting an ESTA must comply with the following US ESTA entry requirements:

  • Having a biometric and valid Austrian passport
  • Being in possession of a debit or credit card with sufficient funds to pay the ESTA fee
  • Providing an accessible, working email address

Austrians are not required to present any digital picture or an additional trip document, which makes the application a fast and secure option.

Children and minors traveling to the USA must bring their ESTA just as an adult. In fact, a family can apply for a family or group ESTA. This option will appear in the application form.

There are other requirements, concerning more with security, that is important. Any Austrian applicant that has one or more of the following situations, can not apply for a US ESTA:

  • Having traveled to Syria, Sudan, Iraq, or Iran after March 1, 2011
  • Having any criminal record or report
  • Having any contagious disease

If Austrian applicants cannot obtain an ESTA due to these facts, they would have to ask directly at their nearest USA embassy or consulate about other visa options.

Where and how long is the US ESTA to Austrians valid?

The ESTA form is available 365 days per year and it is a 24-hour active platform. As it is an online process, Austrians can obtain it directly from home.

Once obtained, and after 2 years of validity (or before, if the associated Austrian passport is no longer valid), the US visa waiver will be expired, therefore Austrian citizens will need to renew it online if they need it again. Nationals of Austria are advised that there is no ESTA extension allowed.

The ESTA is required for those Austrian travelers arriving by sea (on a cruise) in the US or by air, although by road the ESTA is not allowed.

Austrians can travel all the US with the same ESTA, therefore, they only need to know that they must leave the country before the permitted 90 days have passed as overstaying a US ESTA has legal consequences and can have a negative impact on future travels to the country.

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